Thursday, March 25, 2010

Everyone's a loser

I assure you, one of these days I'll have a death metal band to write about.  Recently, I've simply been stumbling across a lot of great indie and softer rock.  Take a look at roughly a year ago and all I was writing about was stoner rock.

I guess... just don't expect much from me, but enjoy what you get.  Feel free to take that advice well beyond my blog.

With a sound quite similar to Bend Sinister (who I was yaking about back in January) The Melgrove Band has proved that Ontario can also churn out some pretty fantastic pop rock.  If you listen through some of their tracks, you'll notice the unmistakable draw on the Beatles.  I suppose one could argue that the Beatles have been an indirect, or even direct influence for almost every modern band, however, I prefer to reserve that kind of statement for bands who really make the tie musically.

A product of the 'saug, this four piece has been playing together for almost 13 years.  During that time, they've released 3 full albums but have had trouble breaking through into a larger market.  Perhaps, like so many canucks, they are doomed to be trapped forever within the Canadian indie scene.

I suppose there are worse places for musicians to be. You know... like Japan.

-Cry those tears of fire and ice out of your diamond eyes that ain't worth a thing