Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Shananigans: The Greens

I've had a strong connection to the blues pretty much since I first heard BB king around the age of 15. Let's be realistic; I've never been that downtrodden or had life that rough. To sing the blues... and I mean really sing the blues... maybe one has to hit true rock bottom. However, to appreciate the blues... to empathize with what's going on, I think we can all connect on a certain level.

These days, the blues seem to be the core of my being. Yet, I'll admit, I've forced them to lose their way. I don't think of the blues as a human emotion anymore, I think of them as a musical style... which for me is a completely different emotion.

I don't hear the crying anymore... I just hear the wall of sound burying life.

-I could use another drink, another life, another way to get through this