Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Shananigans: Meet Sheila

Through March and April, I'd been slowly re-integrating myself into the cycling world, much like a sex addict, trying to get back in the saddle after going through rehab and months of abstinence. I knew that my break was a healthy thing and that these little flings were fun, but eventually, I had to really get out there and ride.

...feel free to go nuts with that one...

Still, since my rather epic bike journey from last summer, I haven't had the courage to tackle any sizable distances for fear that the memories triggered would leave me a trembling, psychotic mess on the side of the road. However, today it was important to welcome someone properly.
Meet Sheila.

Am I cheating on Gladys, my touring bike? One could look at things that way, however, I would argue that it would be lunacy to ride a $1500 touring bike around the city and leave her locked up in sketchy back alleys near Ben's place.

Sheila is a 55cm road frame of no corporate affiliation (read: she's a junker). I bought her very used and have been fixing her up and making slow mods to turn her into an urban assault vehicle. This being her first day on the road, it was only fitting that I see what she could do.

After a quick 20km ride out to Mississauga and back, my mind was ripe with memories from last summer, including singing this song at the top of my lungs while riding down the trans-Canada highway, weeks unshaven and obviously out of my freaking mind.

-This second place just won't do