Saturday, July 10, 2010

100% - The Slew Live

I remember being elated when I first heard about Kid Koala's new project titled The Slew. The concept was brilliant; take a couple of turntable geniuses fueled by a love of classic rock and soul and match them up with one of the tightest, loudest rhythm sections on the planet. I liked this idea so much, I even gave it an award.

Yet I still recall thinking, the very first time I listened to The Slew's debut release, 100%, 'this isn't as awesome as I want it to be in my head.'  Something was lacking, and I long speculated that something to be the live atmosphere.  The project was conceived to be a live show, and as I learned tonight, that is the way it is to be experienced.  Combining Koala's shy, awkward charm, with the blissful rock presence of former Wolfmother rhythm keepers Chris & Myles and the crafty cuts of Dynomite D, this match made in the strangest corners of life somehow comes together to form one of the most energetic, unique and exciting live experiences I've ever witnessed.

The addition of bass & drums gives the sound an organic feel which removes much of the predictability of so much electronic music and the four, after touring twice together, have learned how to play off each other so well.  A genius, albeit gimmicky highlight of the night was the joint bass-crossfader solo performed by Ross and Koala.  Still, this set reached much beyond the realm of gimmicks and will stay with me as one of the coolest things I've seen done on stage in a long time.

-PS: If you're in the city Saturday night, swing by Rancho Relaxo to help us tear the venue a new asshole