Friday, July 16, 2010

Don't go breakin my heart

I love it when stars of old learn to shine bright once again.  There's something uplifting about knowing that even years past your prime, you've still got it.  I was sitting around having a pint with Willsy before band practice on Sunday and over the radio, I heard a song which was unmistakably Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, but that sounded very different from anything I'd heard from them before.  Thanks to the glories of modern technology (I love you, Shazam) I quickly learned that this was in fact new material, and Mr. Petty, was back.

After 8 years without a studio album, you can imagine my surprise to hear different, new material.  And while still with a very familiar feel, different it was.  There was more edge, more soul, more grind than I'd been used to from this troupe.  It almost felt as though Petty had hit his 'fuck it' stage of life, and the boys were writing music entirely for themselves, and not for anyone else.  Inadvertently, they've done a good job of writing for me.

Mojo was released in June and the Heartbreakers are currently on tour in support of the album.  Even though they're all knockin on the door of Rolling Stones kinda age... just like the stones... the boys seem to still know what they're doing.

-Where's that smile that you usually wear?