Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hail Cobra!

I'm still catching up on fantastic music from the insanity that was NXNE.  Possibly the most unique show I saw was Hollerado playing on the rooftop of someone's downtown apartment, with nachos being passed around and off-license Steamwhistle flowing like water on a ridiculously hot day.  I got a ridiculous sunburn, and also got passed a free CD by Aaron from the band Sandman Viper Command.

I knew nothing about this band heading into this concert but was pleasantly surprised by their fantastic, tight, high energy live set.  When I managed a bit of time alone with their CD, the pleasantries continued.  A quartet of friends from Burlington, SVP is willing, and more than happy to have some fun with their music, and aim to spread that fun to everyone around them.  Thoughtful, witty lyrics, catchy guitar riffs and head bopping drums hold these fantastically written songs together.  At first glance, it may be easy to dismiss this band as another pop-driven indie band trying to capitalize on the latest trend, but if one gives a close listen, you can hear the depth, quality and labour put into each of these complex, but still fun, songs.

-Give to me the burdens you bear.