Thursday, August 26, 2010

You want me to *what* the decks?

Say what you will about my musical taste and my sources for finding new music, but at the end of the day... it works. Finding myself knee-deep in a business degree, I have started to learn, and actually admit to myself, the value of marketing as a tool for providing people with information. In my case, today at least, marketing showed me a fantastic new band.

I believe it was a Ford commercial which, upon hearing it for the first time, sent me into a state of elation. SchwaB is a fuzzed out, hoppy, electro-analogue acid trip based in my old stomping grounds of London (ok... I was in Oxford... but close enough). The best word I can use to describe these guys is simply 'weird', which to me is one of the greatest compliments I could give a band. Their music is infectious, strange, danceable, and incredibly original. It combines elements of 60-70s psych-rock with modern garage rock, all the while keeping a groovy feel which makes one want to.... SchwaB?

In addition to being picked up by Ford to sell one of their latest attempts at corporate survival, their song 'DJs In a Row' was featured on the It's all gone Pete Tong soundtrack.  I highly encourage you to check out both tracks below, strip naked, smother yourself in raspberry jelly and join the air force.  If you're not feeling the air force, just concentrate until you become a lemon.

-Easy come and easy go ain't how I'm living anymore