Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Dark BC Interior

Odds are, if you haven't had your head wrapped round your body and inserted firmly up your anus, you've heard of Black Mountain.  Their psychedelic, classic rock revival lead by Jesus-look-alike Steve McBean took the music industry by storm a couple years ago with their 2008 release, In the Future.

While being a going concern since 2004, its taken years and a lot of hard work to push this riff heavy beast to the forefront of the music industry.  Now, after proving they have what it takes in 2008, BM is poised to release Wilderness Heart, their latest dig into the rock n roll world.  While I've only heard a couple tracks so far, Black Mountain seems to have brought out even more of what made me love them; that grindy, groovy, 70s rock feel.

In short... expect no sufferings of sophomore syndrome here... especially since this is their 4th or 5th album.

-Stonewall all the love you've left in your path