Saturday, September 18, 2010

Locked in and ignored

To my loyal readers (ha!) I must apologize.  Since starting my degree last week, my time has developed quite a premium and I find myself neglecting the simpler, joyous things in life, such as roommate rugby, staircase tobogganing, and of course... writing about music.  I'll warn you right now that for the next 8 months or so, expect shanangians to be infrequent, and likely not as verbose as you're used to.

As a side benefit, you don't have to listen to me shoot my mouth off as much.

Vancouver's Sweatshop Union has long been one of my favorite hip hop groups, so you can imagine my excitement when this summer past, the union put out not one, not two, but three different releases from subordinate crews.  Trillionaires and Dirty Circus made great albums, however, the best of the three (or at least my favorite) came from Pigeon Hole.  Combining minimalistic, almost trip-hop beats, with the usual intelligent lyrics I've come to expect from Sweatshop, Age Like Astronauts has been seeing a lot of rotation on my computer (it still makes sense... the hard drive spins).

Check it:

-I don't need no devil to show me how to do you wrong