Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reginald Joseph Leach

What I love the most about John Samson, frontman for The Weakerthans is not his catchy anti-establishment songwriting, his soothing voice, or his charming good looks; it is his blatant, unapologetic love for my home.  Samson has long been a champion of the Keystone province and amid massive pressure to move to more popular, commercially viable cities, he has resisted the urge and stayed in his hometown of Winnipeg, MB.

With songs like One Great City! many people assume The Weakerthans really hate where they are from.  However, as any good toban knows... living in Manitoba comes with a certain love-hate relationship.  The Guess Who did suck at times... but they're the best we've got.  The Jets were lousy, but we love them anyway.  Winnipeg is a dirty, crime laden city, but it's our dirty city.  Samson knows that Manitoba can be a tough place to call home, but that is part of what makes us Manitoban.  Suffering through -40 winters and +40 summers, swatting off mosquitos in swarms that look like dust clouds and living off an economy that relies on a slowly failing farm industry makes us unique, makes us strong, and brings us together.

So, I once again tip my hat to Mr. Samson, who has yet again brought forth another piece of Manitoban history by writing a song, nay a Petition, to get Reggie Leach into the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Leach was a Manitoban born First Nations man who is one of the few players (and the only non-goaltender) to win the Conn Smythe Trophy (playoff MVP) while playing for the losing Stanley Cup finalist.

-Trouble don't seem to know my name no more