Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Concert Review: Daylight for Deadeyes

Am I amazed that I was back in a venue only 2 days after enduring more NXNE than any human being knocking on 30 should have to endure? Of course I am: I wouldn't have made a big deal out of in in that last sentence if I wasn't.
But all the same, Daylight for Deadeyes,were playing the Horseshoe on a Tuesday night, and while I expressed my general scorn for the 'shoe over NXNE, these boys know how to rock the house and, being Tuesday, it was a free show, so I really had no excuse.

I'd only seen DFD a couple times before this and both were at pub/cover gigs, so I hadn't had a proper chance to enjoy more of their originals.  I knew they were tight as all hell, but what I didn't know was that they run a wide gambit of diverse and catchy tunes.  From partying rockers, to swaggering swillers to heartfelt ballads, sometimes I almost felt like I was listening to a few different bands.  For a sober 9pm at the shoe, they even managed to get a few people moving, which in my books is worthy of some serious applause.

My only negative comment is that they didn't play my favorite song:

Also, I hear a rumor that they might be playing another show on July 23rd. Just sayin.

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