Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bathroom Confessions

So, if you weren't sure, Bran Van 3000 has a new album coming out.  I know this because each Monday, a crew of my classmates and I get together at a small pub near school and celebrate the birthday of someone dead and or famous (if you're curious... last night was the Dali Lama).  But I digress...

For the past few Mondays, each time I went to the bathroom, there was a large digital ad display showing commercials on loop.  It seemed each time I went down there, a commercial played for the new BV3 album, as though my bladder control were tied to their marketing team.  Behind the commercial was a fantastic song playing with lucious, ambient layers and some great vocal harmonies.

So, I went home a couple of weeks ago and tried to find the song on the BV3 site.  The issue is that they only had 30s clips of songs on the site, and none of them represented what I had heard while relieving myself.

Fast forward to last night and I'm glad that our pub is a fairly quiet place.  Had it been slightly more frequented, then someone would have walked into the bathroom while I held my mobile phone up with the receiver pointed towards the display ad just above a urinal, trying to get Soundhound to recognize my siren.

But I got it....

-Your words ring cold and clear but you see my dear these words are a lie