Saturday, June 25, 2011

Epic Tooth

Here I sit looking out the window at my picturesque farm in the middle of nowhere in small town Manitoba, and what is on my mind?  Epic, ridiculous metal.  I have to give huge props to Jer and Rob from Shaking Judy for introducing this band to me, whether they're aware or not (yup, I was on your facebooks, creeping your posts).

I found myself nearly rolling on the floor, wetting my pants the first time I watched a video by the awesome force that is Red Fang.  They're a prog-ish metal, punky, riff heavy quartet from Portland, Orgeon with a feel that comes across ever such a little bit like Mastodon (minus a whole shitload of acid).  I have to admit, my first attraction to this band was their hilarious music videos.  The first video I saw for a song called Prehistoric Dog, features the band building armour out of old beer cans and taking on a hoard of LARPers.  Just watch:

The second video simply pushed them over the top and forced my hand to have to publish something about these guys. It is the ultimate fuck you to the music biz as the band received a cheque for $5000 and the entire video shows them pissing away every last dime in the most metal, and hilarious ways possible.

However, somewhere in this haze of beer cans, exploding water mellon, missing limbs and fire, I neglected one very important point: this band fucking rocks.  Invoking the spirit of old metal bands like Sabbath, Red Fang collides head bobbing, epic riffs with chuggy bass & drums alongside dark, grimey vocals, likely singing about D&D and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

In short... sign me up for the fan list.

-I won't be your prophet and I won't be your common sense