Thursday, September 15, 2011

Behind the Mob

I feel like this band was insanely popular already and I just missed the boat. Either way, I figure there's a handful of other oblivious fools such as myself in the world, so it doesn't hurt to push out this band like they're fresh & new. As a side note, the Soundhound app is quite possibly the most wonderful and revolutionary thing to happen to this blog since sliced bread-images.
I was in Montreal for the past few days catching up with old friends. I was very sad when stumbling across the corner of St. Cat's & University, because yet another one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Cafe L'Etranger, has closed. It's been replaced with a Frites Alors!, which I begrudgingly went to since I was starved. As a silver lining to the cloud, apparently the employees (or corporate DJ who sets their playlist) has very good taste and played a tune that I was in love with from the first note by The Parlor Mob.
Now, I'm going to throw around some words here that I don't use lightly, so pay close attention. This quintet from New Jersey has one of the best developed sounds I've heard in an up-and-coming band in years. There are moments when they embody the likes of Zeppelin, The Raconteurs and yet with the riffage of a band like Sabbath. The only thing to eclipse this band's song writing ability, is each individual's mastery of their own instrument. Their two guitarists duel like ancient samurai for the title of 'lead guitarist', the rhythm section stays disturbingly tight, even in live shows, through some of the most intricate, complicated off beat sections I've heard, and frontmant Mark Melicia's voice screams over top the insanity with siren-esque qualities.

I'm sad to say that their first album, And you Were a Crow, has been out for almost 3 years.  However, I'm excited to announce that after just discovering this band, I'll have to wait under a month for their sophomore effort, Dogs. -Catch me off guard so that I can show you what a wild man craves