Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Following the Weekend

After an amazing long weekend, I feel it necessary only now to release to you, what would have been the perfect soundtrack to your weekend.  While I am perfectly late for this year's labour day, I'm plenty early for next year... so no complaining.

Bobby James is an Atlanta... artist? He's not just an MC... he's not just a producer... he's not just a videographer/director.... crap the list just keeps going on. Perhaps one of the best examples I've ever seen of someone who just has something to say, regardless of the medium, James started his foray into the artistic world with his documentary 17 Degrees Ain't Nothin, a film about homelessness in Atlanta.  He then got to work on a solo EP called I am Bobby James.

Yet, its his latest work that has me salivating and bobbing my head on the long weekend. Just this summer, James released Ill Weekend, his take on Sufjan Stevens if Sufjan ever got into hip hop. James describes the album as the perfect soundtrack to the weekend, so sit back, pour a drink and enjoy:

The best part? If you dig the track, you can get the entire album for free.

-I still dream