Monday, September 19, 2011

Dixie Revival

I'd be lying if I said I'd been listening to more than 10% of anything OTHER than The Parlor Mob for the past week.  However, I do need a break from the sheer awesomeness now and then and if I spent another week gushing about my new found heroes, what few readers I've managed to garner on this site may begin to waver in their resolve to read of my shenanigans.

Ok... who am I kidding... I don't have any readers.  This thing is effectively like my diary, except I don't talk about cute boys and I never compare myself to Jenny Smith, the head cheerleader.

Right, I'll even admit that was a bit weird for a rainy afternoon.  Still, I just finished writing a journal paper and instead of having writer's block, was itching to go some more, so I thought I would interest you to what I've been doing with the other 10% of my ears, Kormac.

This Irish DJ started spinning discs under his pseudonym back in 2007.  With a penchant for old tunes from the Jazz, Dixie and Motown era, his tracks come off as less an over produced electronic sound and more the kind of thing that Ella would be singing over top of today. After releasing a few EPs, Kormac released his first LP titled Word Play in 2010. While his albums use samples to pump out some of the most soulful stuff you've heard since the old days of Coltrane and Davis, his live show these days incorporates a full 11 piece big band, with a barbershop quartet and all.

And now, I think it's about high time I shut up and let you listen to what you came here for:

-Like meeting for the first time, I'm nervous for meeting you again