Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's in Your Genes

What kind of a friend would I be if I didn't give a nod for the much-anticipated release of Talk Sick's second full length, , Genetics? It's now been just over a week since I got to catch their album release at Katacombes in Montreal (which is such an awesome venue). Through that week, my media player tells me I've spun the new album at least 5 full times, with some songs reaching into the 10-15 plays range.  In short... I've started to get a good feel for it.
And this I can say after letting this album wash over me: this is a solid piece of work.  The boys find a way of combining a driving punk feel with ridiculous technical proficiency and vocals that attack you from all directions.  The album simultaneously sounds like no band you've ever heard before while still invoking the memories of countless punk bands from my youth (The Casualties, Sick of it All, New Bomb Turks & Trigger Happy to name a few).  With 14 tracks weighing in at a sprinting 25 minutes, this is an album you can enjoy in the time it makes to make dinner, and likely still have time to set the table.  The only warning I'll give is that you may start smashing the fine china as you mosh along to songs like, my personal favorite, Religion.

Still, flatware and porcelain aside, take a listen to Talk Sick's new album.  It's fun for the part of the family that likes fast punk and vocals that grate along your spine.  As for the rest of the family, someone tell them that they're boring and lame. You can listen to a track below or check out the whole album here.

-We fit so well it hurt to pull apart