Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Clap, clap, clap

Seldom would I post about a band twice in such a short timespan (barring my near obsession with some people), however, when a band does fast, good work, I believe it should go noted. Particularly because the Boyd brothers are awesome, however, also because SEO is just making solid music (and no, we are not talking about search engine optimization today).

Back in May, Stella Ella Ola released a quick EP filled with short, catchy, fun pop songs. The songs were good, however, one could tell that they were early days - the recordings were pretty grainy and the songs were simple, in both a good way and bad. However, in a mere handful of months, it is interesting to see the rapid evolution of this group (and fitting, considering the cover of EP #2?). Already, the songs are becoming more thought out, more full and the group tighter, more confident and more focused.

What matters though is that you can head over to their bandcamp page and get both EPs for free... so there is really no reason you should still be reading this.  Seriously... wasting your time. And mine... I'm sitting here still writing this while I should be working. Yup, look at me go. Typing away on my big 'ol typing machine. Why I could type for hours you know. They say typing is bad for a man's fingers, however, good for a man's soul. I'm not sure if this was referring to an earlier time, a simpler time, when typing was done on mechanica typewriters, or if our souls really do benefit from computers and the advent of the internet. I suppose this is a greater philosophical conundrum than we have time (insight and overall intelligence) to deal with here.

You were warned.

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