Monday, August 6, 2012

Lasers Coming Out Yer Eyes

It's a holiday Monday, but for some ungodly reason I'm still working.  As such, I felt it only appropriate to take some time and bugger off to write about music.  That said, it's a holiday Monday, so I'm probably going to do a pretty shit job.

I'll level with you, I know next to nothing about DZ Deathrays, however, I've been digging on them a lot lately.  They're from Brisbane, Australia and while their recordings have thick layers of drum, keys, guitars, bass and vocals, from all accounts, I think they're a 2 piece. Sounding a bit like a DFA1979 or Andrew WK, their sound comes off as something like a distorted, organ-heavy, electronic rock-dance party.  In other words, I have absolutely no idea how to categorize this band.

However, here is a category for you: file under "fucking awesome."

-I'm not raising hell... I'm taming it