Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh, Norway

You're just so strange sometimes. Still... I do love you.  Far too many amazing bands have been birthed from your britches and today, we'll discuss another little bundle of joy that you popped out years ago and I only started listening to months ago.

We'll talk about Turbonegro. This band is a bit of an enigma. To listen to their sound (especially the new stuff), you'd think you're swilling beers in the diviest bars in the world, hanging out with firemen and talking about manly, gruff things like coal mining and muscle cars.  However, to then see this band live, you can fall in love with a whole new side of them - their over the top, glam-rock, flamboyant cross dressing side. The band can truly be summed up as an awkward union of those two styles - like burly truck drivers infused with a healthy dose of all-male strip club and just a touch of Clockwork Orange.

But I digress, this isn't a fashion blog, it's a music blog (and not a very good one at that). Formed in 1989, Turbonegro has formed a sound and style all their own over their 2 decades together. Self proclaimed "deathpunk" their sound and presence draws a lot on bands like KISS, Ramones, Iggy Pop,  Bowie and Alice Cooper - if any of those groups could muster the kind of gruff, chain-smoking, vocal depth of front man Hank von Helvete (and now, new frontman, Tony Sylvester).

  -If you're gonna be confused, take it out on someone else