Thursday, November 1, 2012

Building Devils

When I first heard about How to Destroy Angels, I dismissed the project as a way for Trent Reznor to keep his gorgeous wife, Mariqueen Maandig, happy and feeling engaged with something.  I didn't give her much credit and I really didn't see the project going anywhere.

For almost 2 years, they proved me right.  Their initial EP release was unique and kind of interesting in instrumentation, but pretty inaccessible and containing poorly written songs. However, as new bits have begun to surface from their upcoming An Omen EP, I'm changing my tune.

It sounds like time has given this project room to evolve into what it needs to become.  The team is starting to understand each other's strengths and roles and the resulting work is turning up good... really good.  Check the latest studio single they've just released:

-Medium, please astound me