Sunday, December 27, 2015

Shanies: EP of the Year

A couple of years back, Jesse introduced me an incredible band known as All Them Witches. Almost immediately, I fell in love with this group's slow-moving, progressive, layered rock developments that typically give way to a burst of guitar-riff euphoria. They were some sort of strange stoner-rock meets blues, meets funk, meets double-the-fuck-triple-yeah. Needless to say, I was hooked.

Thus, when said band decided that in the past 2 years, the group decided to release a full length LP, 2 EPs, 1 properly mastered live album, and countless bootleg live recordings... it sat perfectly well with me. And beyond sheer quantity, these guys delivered the goods every time. Thus, without hesitation, my EP of the year went to their 2015 EP release, A Sweet Release.

Sweet indeed, but hardly an EP. Granted the release only contained 5 tracks, but still clocked in at over 55 minutes of music (I did mention the words prog and stoner, no?). With minimal vocals, it's the kind of album that you can throw on in the background and lose yourself within. Sounding almost more like a post-rock album a-la Godspeed, this simple little EP highlights the diversity and musicianship of this talented, Nashville-based quartet.

And like so many bands I love, the best way to get into this is to stop reading my tripe words and listen:

-Always push my mind to the darkest place so that I feel disgraced by things I haven't even done