Saturday, December 26, 2015

Shanies: Lifetime Achievement Award

No matter how much things change, they still stay the same.

For almost 20 years now, my listening has gravitated around one, earth-shattering sound. That sound is some sort of blistering, high-energy, blues-infused, grab-you-by-the-ears-and-pull, rock n fucking roll. That sound was perfected by one band, and so many others that I have listened to over the years, have simply been copies and reimaginings of that band.

That band is the mighty Tricky Woo. This year, somewhat post-prophetically and echoing my sentiments above, the group released a compilation of b-sides aptly titled The Children of Tricky Woo. It features tracks from the early days in the 90s all the way up to some of their final recordings in the mid 2000s. Though you can tell a jump in songwriting and technology from song to song, the album still hangs together as a cohesive piece that stands as a reminder of how good this band is - these were the fucking b-sides.

And with this album being released this year, I felt it as good a time as any to bestow my first, and possibly only ever, Lifetime Achievement award to Mr. Dickson and his little dog, Tricky Woo. The disciples of this band are countless and while they achieved little more than moderate Canadian success, their sound echos through every Marshall stack that graces venues far too small for such as thunderous sound like Sala Rosa or the Hideout.

So, respect your past, give a nod to the giant's upon who's shoulders you stand, buy a copy of The Children of..., and for god's sake, listen to this fucking track:

-Try to keep my feet pinned to the floor, it's a tug of war since my insides are flying