Thursday, March 13, 2008

CMW - A Look Back

You don't attend one of the biggest musical festivals of your life (or at least, 2 days of it) and simply write a couple articles about the shows you saw (or didn't see). No, something of the magnitude of CMW deserves a bit of a wrap up.

The reality of the situation however, is that I wouldn't have much new to tell you, so I'm going to make this a photo review; better yet, in the form of awards! Everyone loves awards, and pictures!!! That's right puppets, DANCE!

Most Likely to have me bow down and worship as a new God:

Gordie Johnson

Big Sugar was a favorite band of mine. While I was sad to see them go, from the ashes rose an even bigger beast in the form of Grady. Grady felt like the fit which Gordie had been searching for all this time. As much as he loved the blend of blues, reggae and other forms, in the end, one can see the raw power of rock eminating off this man.

CMW 'Find' of the Week:

Daniel Wesley

What started off as a foregone conclusion of a copycat band, ended up being one of my favorite new bands of late. Evidence to support this includes me trying to hump Daniel's leg while buying both of their CD's, and me staying up late on Tuesday night and masturbating to 24h by Wesley.

Coolest Celebrity I got to touch:

Lord Stanley's Cup

The hockey hall of fame was fun, but almost not worth the $13 entry fee. It is definately an experience which every true blooded Canadian needs to do at least once. Especially if you go with your friend Ben, and can rub it in his face that you scored on Belfour and he didn't.

Band Most Likely to Peel your Face off with Noise:

Inward Eye

I reviewed Inward Eye in my Respect the Tobe post a few weeks back. While I knew the guys were talented, their recordings don't do justice to the veritable hurricane this power trio produces on stage. Without a doubt, the most energetic act I saw at CMW, and in recent memory (which, granted, due to excess drinking, isn't that long).

Band I could Listen to Over and Over:


I saw the guys perform not a week before CMW on their CD release. Their music is simply infectiously catchy, and incredibly well performed. Call me a fanboy if you must, but I know an amazing band when I find them, and I pay the respect they've earned.

Man Most Likely to Fuck Your Girlfriend:

Danko Jones

This man oozes sex. He is a maniac on stage who loves to get into all the uncomfortable little corners of your body and mind and make you squirm. In the same right of Chuck Norris jokes with fighting, Danko Jones should have his own series of jokes surrounding sex. Danko Jones considers 'Hello' foreplay. Danko Jones once made 137 women cum by simply uttering 'baby'. Danko Jones does not flirt, he chooses. Danko Jones is inside of you, right now.