Sunday, March 2, 2008

Podcast 2 - Horrendous Stench

Practice really does make perfect. Recording and editing this week were as smooth as diarrhea, and I hope the results speak for themselves. The biggest issue I had this week was finding a way to mix together audio, without forcing my pained mind to listen to… well, audio.

This tasty little jam, is what you came for. I’m yo pusher man. This week, I’m pushin’ the good stuff all the way from Europe’s wang: Scandinavia. Featuring Jarle Bernhoft and Bigbang of Norway, as well as Anders Osbourne from Sweden, this cast should give you reasons to love Scandinavians, other than the ridiculously hot blondes.

Lastly, if you’re bored, come join Hurley’s Acoustic Army. We’ll be getting things started around 9pm on Monday, March 3rd, upstairs at 1225 Crescent St.

Why are you still reading this and not listening to the podcast?