Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shanies: The Rest

The following awards were given out earlier in the evening:

The "5 More Minutes, Mom" Award:
Jordan Cook - Seven Deadly Sins (more like 5 more years...)

The "Please Stop Making Music Now" Award:
Robert Plant - Band of Joy (Seriously...Zeppelin was great and all, but you're done.  I don't care how many critics you pay off to love your album)

The "Face Peel-o-matic" Award:

Trigger Effect - Versitis Maximus (And the live show to boot)

Best Guitar Tone:
C'Mon - Beyond the Pale Horse (Ian Blurton, so hot right now... even while dressed as a homeless dude)

The "Please Stop Opening Your Mouth" Award:
Kanye West - Yes he did have a new album this year... I still don't care

The "Still got it" Award:
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Mojo (I'd hit it)

The "Brett Favre" Award:
Eels - Tomorrow Morning (I believe this is E's 3rd "last album ever")

"Too Much Time on Our Hands" Award:

Sweatshop Union... 3 releases in the month of June alone.
Pigeon Hole - Age Like Astronauts
Dirty Circus - Alive and Well
Trillionaires - By Hook or by Crook

Stay tuned for the big one!  Album of the year is up next!

-Just a four letter word, always said, never heard unless its yelled