Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Attack with no Legs

I've always been scared to death of snakes... I don't know what it is, I just don't trust something that can move that fast without legs.  Yup... going to hell.

Right then... today we're going to talk about a band that Sir Ian Blurton introduced to me.  Way back when I had the chance to interview him, we shot the shit about music for a while and he mentioned a few bands he thought I'd dig, including Vancouver's Battle Snakes.  He introduced them to me under the heading that if I was a fan of Tricky Woo and Pride Tiger... I would dig this band.

So, they're pretty damned awesome, however, as a message to everyone who ever speaks to me, NEVER, say that a band you know is like Tricky Woo and Pride Tiger unless they are exactly like those two bands, because those are two of my favorite bands of all time, and the anticipation and subsequent let down almost killed me.

'Let down' is harsh, so let me start again.  Had I not been comparing Battle Snakes to my rock and roll idols, this band would have (and technically still does) blown my mind.  They're just my kind of breed of rough around the edges, riff heavy, in your face swaggering punk infused rock n roll.  I can only imagine they're live show is about as insane as a clown chasing you with two chainsaws (come to TO and prove me right).  This isn't poetry, this isn't Mozart, this is fucking rock n roll... just how I like it.

It's tough to find a lot of their tunes online, and even more difficult to find video, but track down what you can and enjoy the madness.  Also, I'm sorry for the Trick Woo / Pride Tiger thing... somebody please convince those two bands to get back together or I might cry... again.

-Damaged sounds leaking from the underground