Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3 Swedish Berries

Way back when, I discovered a brilliant Swedish solo artist by the name of Jose Gonzalez.  Jose has been one of those songwriters to fill the void of lonely nights at home where music and only music can provide that perfect escape.

Unbeknownst to me, Gonzalez was once in a full band by the name of Junip.  They were formed over 10 years ago by friends whom, after working their way through the hardcore and punk scene, yearned for something different, softer and more unique. Grand experimentation at the turn of the millennium helped them to hone their sound towards something simple, and yet full of life.  But just as they started to gain momentum with the 2005 release of the Black Refuge EP, the same freedom and passion that made incredible music drove them apart.  Side interests, including Gonzalez' solo work, left Junip as a secondary thought that would fall dormant for years.

The three would pick up again in 2010 and release their first full length, Fields.  Now, they push towards the second recording of their rebirth In Every Direction and continue to make music which I can completely lose myself in.

The last thing you wrote was the last I would ever read