Monday, July 11, 2011

A Lopsided Walk

Some days, I get both confused and annoyed by the cheesiness of my own title puns. However, today, if you didn't get my obscure joke (you didn't) I am going to talk about one of my NXNE finds, Little Foot Long Foot.
Happening upon this band by complete chance before a Jordan Cook set at the Hideout, LFLF caught me off guard and wowed me with a full, swaggering blues rock sound.  Getting their start as a two piece around 4 years ago, this band has evolved into a force of rock n roll.  I'd be lying if I said I knew what this band sounded like as a duo, however, the addition of Caitlin Dacey on vocals and organ seems to be exactly what this sound needed.  Differentiating their sound and providing a much wider spectrum than could be accomplished with a bass, Caitlin adds a hauntingly perfect vocal fit to front-woman Joan Smith's vocals in addition to the classic feel of the keys.  Throw in a dash of the ever-dynamic drum style of Isaac Klein, and this band has become a three piece to keep your eye on.

They've just released a video off their new album, Oh Hell, and while I'm still confused as to who the hell is trying to kill or partner with whom, the important part is there: the song rocks.

-Drown me in your sentimental puddle of tears