Tuesday, November 13, 2012


In my ongoing search to find the most epic hip-hop possible (and yes, to answer your next question, I live with a lot of quests on my mind) the last couple of months have been quite fruitful. While enjoying Macklemore in my spare time, I was pleased to find an even more epic (though not as smooth) supergroup that I would be able to make a terrible title-pun about.

Quakers are a 30+ member hip hop collective that released their 41 track, self-titled debut just this past spring. At the core of the group were 3 producers: Jeff Barrow (of Portishead fame), Katalyst and 7-Stu-7. They are joined by a massive list of MCs that were pulled in from seemingly all directions. The ~70m disc leaves the bulk of tracks clocking in at under 2m.

So, you might be thinking this album sounds like a jumbled, ADD nightmare with no cohesion or sense of direction?  I'll admit, it is all over the place, however, they have somehow managed to pull the disc together and make it flow from nearly the A-Z of hip hop. In addition, while the short songs often leave you wanting more, there is something to be said about not dragging a track out and cutting it before it becomes boring or jumps the lyrical shark.


-I'd spend forever with all of my friends