Monday, November 26, 2012

Road Music

Mr. Gainer... I must bow in respect and awe of your awesome musical knowledge. Just last week, the man introduced me to the band which is fast becoming a near-obsessive listening experience. I've listened to this album roughly 20 times in the past week and each time, I'm finding new elements that I fall in love with.

This is the point at which any expectations of this being a critical review should be thrown out the door and your should prepare yourself to simply listen to me gush for a while.

The Motorleague just fucking rocks. When Jesse told me that Sir Ian produced their album, I should have stopped talking, emptied my wallet and eagerly awaited my impending spiral into audio repetition. For me, this band crafts songs in a way that resonates perfectly. They combine MASSIVE riffs with driving punk beats, anthemic lyrics, sing-along hooks and a perfect balance of taking themselves seriously enough to be amazing musicians, but also not lose sight of the fact that music still has to be fun. I bought their 2010 release Black Noise and I'm still finding it hard to believe how many songs on this album I would be willing to call 'singles.' My mind has shifted between around 6 or 7 of the 10 tracks as my favourite, and while I would love to share my current #1 (Fossils) with you, I can't find a video on YouTube.  That said, see below for their video for yesterday's starchild, You Wear Me Down and below that for Saturday's jam, Hymn for the Newly Departed.

Do the band (and more importantly yourself) a favour and go buy their album. If you don't trust me (shame on you), you can preview the whole thing on their website (please listen to Fossils), but for only $8.88 on bandcamp, this will be the best use of money since you bought new underwear.

-Keep staring at your hips and the back of your brain