Monday, December 17, 2012

Action Packed

This will be my last share before we hit the 5th annual (I know... I'm surprised I lasted 5 years at this too) Shanies: my awards for the best and brightest of music from the past year. I'll be starting on December 22 and be posting an award every day until New Years. Since I'm probably going to be writing a lot during that week, I figured I'd take it kind of easy for today's post.

READ: I couldn't find much on this band, but they're pretty freaking cool.

With a small dose of shame, I'll admit that I found this band while watching a TV show.  Paul recently turned me onto watching House of Lies and in addition to being packed-full of Don Cheadle awesomeness, the show has a great soundtrack with a lot of obscure bands. In particular, one episode ended with a track from Oakland's own Scene of Action.

While they've got a pretty scattered online presence, I was able to track down their songs on iTunes and was pleased at my reaping. Sounding at times like a more groovy Muse and other times like a 6-speed rock band with a digital edge, this band is definitely worth a listen for anyone who appreciates subtle modern takes on the rock genre.  Check the rhyme, yo:

-Keep my head above the water but never let me climb too high