Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shanies: Rookie of the Year

It's that time again... time for me to spread my unwanted and unnecessary opinion about the state of music in 2012 all over the internet. As usual, my annual awards, the Shanies, are based entirely on my own opinion, follow a loosely defined and often changing set of rules and should be taken with the tiniest of grains of salt. If you believe me (which I wouldn't) this is remarkably the 5th annual instalment of these awards. I say that not to impress you or make you think that this gives me some form of credence, but to help you realize that I'm not going anywhere, anytime soon, so get used to it.

The rookie of the year award is always a difficult one, since there is much ambiguity around the word 'rookie'. Last year, for example, the recipients were 3 old rockers who cumulatively, had probably won more awards than most of the rock community. However, they were doing a new project. This year, I chose to define the award by a group's first LP release.

And that is because it allows me to give the award to Brisbane's DZ Deathrays. While having 3 EPs dating back to 2009, this was their breakthrough year with the release of their incredible LP, Bloodstreams. This grungy, dance-beat rock-duo recorded a groundbreaking album, toured the world and just ended their year with a annual home-town tradition concert.

Honourable mention goes to Failure Epics (Jon Epworth), who really should have won for hitting all the criteria for rookie.

-Hangman's neckties and words that sting like black flies