Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The bee's knees

The first thing I'll say today is that it's about time I branched out a little. Effectively since xmas, I've done nothing but jam stoner rock and blues down your throat, so I'm glad there's finally something a little different to talk about.

I laugh as well when I notice that my ramblings through the world of new music seem to always lead me back to the Canadian tri-city. Today, it's going to be good ol' Montreal that supplies us with a very original, trip-hop, duo; Beast.

Beast is a strange band to classify. From a first impression, they almost sound like a funky, standard 4 piece band. However, composed of a producer and a vocalist, this band is far off ordinary. Often describing themselves as 'trip rock', Beast blends funky hip-hop beats with loud organic drums and distorted guitars.

Perhaps the coolest part is how these two hooked up. They met in 2006 while working together on a project for Ubisoft. Nerdtacular!

-Leave me, sleeping alone tonight