Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So, when I lived in Montreal, I used to see posters for Les Dales Hawerchuk almost everywhere I went. I'll be totally on the level with you; my love for the Jets and for one of the greatest players to ever stride the ice was enough for me to write this band off and never even give them a chance.

I'm going to do something strange here... are you ready for it?

I was wrong.

For a moment, let's just take my love for the Jets out of the equation. Ok, let's also remove the fact that I have a Hawerchuk jersey that hasn't fit me since I was 12. So, as long as that emotional baggage is out of the way, Les Dale Hawerchuks fucking rock.

I do recall taking a listen to them years back, however was pushed away by the language barrier. Singing entirely in gutteral Quebecois French, it's difficult to understand what's being said even if you're fluent. However, I feel that at the time, living in Montreal, I was quick to push LDH away because of my xenophobic Montreal anglo-franco divide. Now, living in the UK and no longer having to deal with the inherant dual personality that is Montreal, I'm totally fine with rippin it up to an awesome franco-rock band.

Check the video below for some sweet moves, and also take a look at this live video in the CBC studios.

-Dirty minded empire crowned. Crumble, tumble, empire down