Thursday, February 19, 2009

Scruffy Past

I've been to a place called Macclesfield for work twice now. Both times that I've been there, I've considered it to be a real armpit of a town that could never produce anything. Yet again I am wrong this week, as Macclesfield has already produced DJ phenom Mr. Scruff.

Known to his friends as Andy Carthy, this 36 year old DJ is appropriately titled due to his scruffy facial hair. In short... I guess the guy looks like a hobo, but he can cut a mean record. In addition to his music, Carthy does a great deal of drawings and animations, some of which are featured in his videos. The really random part though is that he makes his own tea; perhaps the most interesting of all being Chili Mint.

Today he's in the news because although his latest effort, Ninja Tune, was released back in the autumn, he is just now starting to promote it and release singles. Personally, I've been bopping along to his tunes for 10 years, so there's no rush for me.

You however, may need to catch up.

-Well below the belt