Tuesday, February 24, 2009


With a name this bad, I don't even need to make a shitty pun about my title. Yes, the band Chickenfoot does actually exist. HOWEVER, with a lineup this good, you can call yourselves whatever the fuck you want:

Vocals: Sammy Hagar (Van Halen)
Guitar: Joe Satriani (ummm... really?)
Drums: Chad Smith (RHCP)
Bass: Michael Anthony (Van Halen)

Like I said... they could call themselves rusted bloody anus hunters and they would still be a thousand times cooler than any band you or I could form.

They played together last year in Las Vegas, enjoyed themselves, and simply decided to keep things going. Supposedly, the name Chickenfoot is a stupid joke they've all been laughing about. However, as time creeps closer to their targeted April release and they joke about it more and more, it could settle in.

As for now, all that has surfaced from this band is the strange video below ending with a roughly 20 second clip which, although brings back fond feelings from the 80's... undeniably rocks one's world.

-Turn your back on good intentions