Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just a reminder*

The last two days have been filled with some rather head-turning news, so instead of showing you something you've never seen before (and are likely never to want to see again) I'm just going to give you the goods on the street.

Muse is planning a new album for September to follow up their most sucessful effort Black Holes and Revelations. According to NME, they'll be looking at releasing something new in the autumn, followed by a massive world tour.

The one that really gave my head a spin was that after only 2 years, Tool is working on a new release. Yes... Tool. The band who normally takes 5 or 6 years between albums while Maynard makes wine and Adam Jones, assumedly performs taxadermy with small children, will be putting out another release after only 2 or 3. In a recent interview with Guitar World, Jones let leak that the band is working on new material and could be back in the studio as early as this summer. I just hope that this rushed schedule doesn't fuck with their chi.

Now for Canadians still stuck in the 90's, this one's going to make you wet yourself. In possibly the strangest marriage of bands I've ever heard, it was recently announced by Chart Attack that a new group is being formed of Jeff Burrows (Tea Party), Mike Turner (OLP) and none other than the infamous Edwin (IME, and other shitty solo projects). They're going to operate under the name Crash Karma and are currently putting finishing touches on their new album. I'm both excited, and really paranoid that this is just going to come out as over-produced tripe.

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