Monday, May 25, 2009

I want a white cowbell

So, the thing that makes the band White Cowbell Oklahoma even better than the awesomeness of their name is the fact that they're from nowhere near Oklahoma. In fact, they're from Toronto of all places.

These guys appear to be both PR geniuses and also complete alcoholics. They're currently signed to Universal, and have three full-lengths to their name; Cencerro Blanco (2004), Casa Diablo (2007) and Bombardero (2009). A troupe of 6 mounts the stage in full take-yer-sister-home outfit. To really understand how mind-blowingly rock and roll this band is, you need to realize; they have a guy in the band who's sole job is to play the cowbell.

I wish I could make this shit up.

Throw in a dash of Tricky Woo-via (their latest effort was produced by Adrian Popovich at Mountain Studios in MTL) and you have a band which has no intention of taking things easy, for any reason, ever. You know what? I'm just going to let you listen to this already:

-Noble in mind but a rogue at heart