Monday, May 11, 2009

The lady-baron

So, I was amazed when I stumbled upon a recent piece of information and realized that I'd never even talked about a certain band before. That band was Baroness, and to give you an idea of my surprise, you must first understand conversations that Jesse and I used to have around a year ago:

"Dude, do you know how awesome Baroness is?"

"Oh yes, I'm quiet aware, but I don't feel as though you fully understand the depth of their awesomeness."

"No no, you're just mistaking my current state of being. I've actually come to understand their level of awesome on a whole new ethereal plane which you can't quite comprehend... but it's cool... you'll probably figure it out sometime."

That's a rough approximation, but honestly, not that far off from the truth. Jesse actually started changing into pure energy at one point but then he started listening to Krunk hip hop again and got too busy flossing his bling or something.

Right... I'm going off topic (yeah Shane, that's the whole point of this blog). Baroness is awesome. I read a quote from Exclaim once which went something like "There must be something in the Georgian water that starts bands off as massively aggressive then slowly calms them down after a while." It happened to Mastodon and it happened to Baroness. I'm guessing that something is acid.

The Red Album reminded me why I still can enjoy listening to heavier music; because not all metalheads stop learning at 4 or 5 chords (or alternatively learn too many notes on the guitar and try to fit them all into one song). Baroness was able to create heavy, but still beautiful melodic music which could both tame the savage beast, and release it.

And the good news is that they're back in the studio and we can expect a fall release. Only time will tell if they will suffer sloppy seconds syndrome (yes, I just made that up) but I have high hopes for this talented group.

-Crying with you all the time