Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Like a million tents were just pitched

I wish I had something witty to say, but fuck it:

If you're not quite sure why this is significant, simply go place your hand in an open door and slam it as hard as you can.

Good, now that you understand things a little better and are on my wavelength, we can get down to things. The Sled Island Music Fest in Calgary just announced their lineup for 2009 and low and behold... I've got wood. When asked about their reformation by Chart, a whole whackload of insanity about nuts was spewed.

Back in my days of yore, when fledgling-wanna-be-rock-stars were offering me coke on New Years' eves, but pre-said-rock-cocks becoming paranoid about me hitting on their fiance, I had a chance to visit the Tricky Woo rehearsal studio. Even without the amps on, it felt like sex was being amplified through the air. The place had soul, meaning, and a coating of white powder on nearly any flat and smooth surface.

What really mattered though, was the music. Tricky Woo would become one of the bands not to define my childhood, but to define my inner rock star. I listen to One Great City! when I'm homesick. I listen to Grey Mountain Lullaby when I'm lonely. I listen to Heart Attack American when I'm angry. I listen to Lover Don't you Lie when I AM THE KING OF THE BLOODY UNIVERSE.

I'm glad we had this little chat.

-Bring back the old, to hell with the new