Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Shanies: Concert of the Year

Always a tricky award as so many factors can go into making the perfect night, the concert of the year is typically awarded to the show from the past 12 months that absolutely blew my mind. Some years, I have highlighted the epic glory of an entire night and others I have locked in on one specific set that left me grinning ear to ear.

While the entire night was a blast when I stepped into Adelaide Hall for the first time back in November, this year, it's one band alone who's making off with the prize. Few things are better in my world that stumbling upon an amazing new band and to do so in a live setting is the cherry on top. Thus, when I was introduced to the opening line from Alert the Medic, I knew I had stumbled across something special.
In the unfamiliar (but fucking awesome) surroundings of Adelaide Hall, I watched as the quartet of Nova Scotians ripped through high-energy song after song. Polished, harmonic, playful and emotive, one could see the markings of a band who had spent some time in front of the monitors. A reluctant crowd who, like me, probably didn't know much of this band began as arm-crossed skeptics, however was won over by AtM's infectiously catchy, upbeat and fun tracks. By the end of their set, the whole place couldn't help but bounce and sway at least a bit to some of the more well-written live tunes I've ever heard.

Add these boys to my list of must-sees.

-Calm your head to the wind of tomorrow