Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shanies: Song of the Year

Normally, I'd take more time to do this proper, however, some amazing friends just stumbled onto my doorstep in Toronto, completely by surprise, so screw it... we're going to do away with the pomp and ceremony of this one.

The mighty Mutoid Man is going to be walking home with 2 Shanies this year. While the entire album and hype around the group was enough to earn them the nod for Rookie of the Year, ultimately, what sealed all the deals for me was the song, Gnarcissist. Hearing Brodsky evolve over years of Cave In as a songwriter has made this particular song hold a close place in my heart in terms of it's form, structure and flow, however, if I'm being totally honest, it's Koller's drum part that fucking slays me. I mean... seriously. Listen to this song. Then listen to it again. Then listen to it one more time, but focus just on the drums.


To spread the love, when I listen to this entire song, I hear a cacophonic convergence (pun kinda intended) of so much noise that comes together in such a wonderful, tight and aggressive way. The entire song feels like it's ripping you off the edge of your seat and screaming in your face, but at the same time... it's fucking catchy. The screaming, powerful vocals, the insane guitars, the drums... my god the drums... this whole song is a two and a half minute bullet train through the centre of your mind.

Just shut up and play the track.

-One time for the ladies in the back of my head