Thursday, December 26, 2013

Shanies: In Memory

Usually, boxing day is the day I take to hold my leftover awards - a series of jokes aimed at the epic fails in the music industry from the past year. This year, the terrible likes of Jay-Z are getting off easy, as there is something far more important today to highlight.

I'll never forget my first Trigger Effect show. It was watching them open for Bionic on an old Signed By Force records gig put on at Petit Campus. I'd never heard of the band before, but from the opening note, they affixed my jaw firmly to the floor. After being to a lot of shows in my life, I can safely say that they were one of the most insane, intense and energetic live acts I've ever seen. They seemed to suffer NA syndrome, of gaining a good sized following in Europe, however, having only moderate success back home in Canada.

However, just a month ago, shocking news hit when frontman Nick Babeu met an accidental death that caught the Canadian scene completely off guard. At such a young age, it was a tragedy to hear, both to the band and their families, however, also to the music industry. Few bands have the DIY integrity and punk-ethic that made me love Trigger Effect so much and they will sorely be missed.

To the entire band, and all of their families, my sincerest condolences. When Nick died, the world got a little less fun and a whole lot quieter.

-Tell my brothers, keep on singing