Friday, December 27, 2013

Shanies: EP of the Year

We do live in the ADHD generation, and therefore, I feel it is important to not just recognize the full-length album of the year, but also the EP of the year. Whether the artist didn't have the money, time, energy or focus... or they found themselves face down in a mountain full of coke too often, we should still take the time to recognize their efforts, no matter how brief. Often though, the subtext of this award is something to the effect of, "HURRY UP AND FINISH A FULL FUCKING ALBUM BECAUSE I AM OBSESSED WITH EVERY BIT OF NOISE YOU PRODUCE AND MUCH LIKE A HEROIN ADDICT, PAPA NEEDS ANOTHER HIT!"

I was introduced to Vancouver's We Hunt Buffalo this summer at Toronto's Cherry Cola. Their live show blew me away and I immediately picked up and listened to their first album. However, soon after the show, I caught wind of an EP to be released in the early fall. Blood from a Stone came out and simply highlighted the progression of this fuzzy, riff-heavy, epic trio. The title track from the EP is unquestionably my favourite track, however all 4 songs show the evolution of a band who, already starting with an incredible songwriting base, is only going to keep improving with every release. Take a listen below and join me the screaming chorus demanding their next album and another visit to Toronto.

An honourable mention must be made to Hawkeyes for their doomtacular EP, Poison Slows You Down.

-Bow down to my thick cerebral cortex, a little bit of logic's all you need