Sunday, December 22, 2013

Shanies: Rookie of the Year

It's that time again... time for me to spread my unwanted and unnecessary opinion about the state of music in 2013. The traditional caveats apply to this, the 6th instalment of the Shanies:

  • It's my party and I'll cry if I want to
  • These awards are based completely on my own, unquestionably awesome taste in music
  • Guitars always win
  • I'm totally cool with contradicting myself
  • I play favourites
  • All hail the mighty riff
  • No takesies-backsies

This was no competition for the rookie category with a clear front running building hype through the summer and blowing minds with a few single releases before unleashing one of the most monstrous albums not just of the year but of the decade. I am of course talking about the unholy Converge/Cave In love-child, Mutoid Man. Beyond the fact that their name references one of the ending bosses from Smash TV, this project, long overdue, brought together Stephen Brodsky and Ben Koller to finally make the record they'd been flirting around for years.
What started as potentially a one-off with no plans to gig or follow the group, has since grown in massive demand and with the release of Helium Head, and the hype that surrounds it, one can only hope that they choose to tour and make more music, lest the fate of the free world collapse into chaos. Rookies shouldn't sound this good because as individuals, these two are seasoned-veterans and good friends with an exceptional musical connection. That said, for my pick of 2013's new band of the year... all hail the mighty Mutoid Man.

-The medium is the message, so kill the messenger