Sunday, December 28, 2014

Shanies: Artist of the Year

This year, as are most now that I think about it, was a no-brainer. The number of times I saw this band live, the anticipatory salivation that would hit my mouth each time news broke about a new recording they were slated to release, the excitement I would have before every show, the rock that would be rolled every time I listened to I Ain't Gonna Live, or Vault Doors. It all heralded one thing: Blurton was back... as though he ever left.

And he came back with his latest foray into sonic madness, Public Animal. Granted, the Animal got started in 2013, however, 2014 was the year that they hit their stride, with the release of their full-length, Habitat Animal, and the opportunity to open for countless great bands as a go-to in their local Toronto. You could ask me to try to explain or define why I gave the nod for artist of the year to Public Animal, but at the end of the day, the only good answer I could give is the way I feel when I hear Blurton's sweet tone fading into the powerful drone of Dacey's keys, alongside the smooth lines of Larock's bass, and all the while driven forth by a monster known as Ryan Gassi on drums.

The way I feel when I hear that music is what matters... and nothing else.

-Everything can be alright when everything can never be wrong