Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Shanies: Concert of the Year

Another day, another award... today going out to the greatest live performance of the year. Almost without question, we knew this award was going to go to someone who played the Bovine, it's just always a question of who rocked that dirty little hole the hardest.

While I saw a LOT of shows at the Bovine this year, there was one band that stood ahead of the pack (ok, with Public Animal nipping at their heels). That band would be Moncton's disciples of rock, The Motorleague. I'm actually ashamed to say that for a band I've been following for almost 4 years, this was my first chance to see them live.

It was a Monday, and while the place wasn't dead... it was still a Monday. That said, for the ~25 people the braved the school night to worship our sonic overlords, The Motorleague played a show as though they were playing a sold out crowd at the ACC. It was in that set that I realized what makes a truly amazing live band: those who play for themselves first, regardless of who or how many are watching. It was 4 friends singing to each other and having fun on stage... everyone else was just allowed to watch if they please. They ripped through a perfect and aggressive set of tracks from both their debut, Black Noise, as well as their 2013 release, Acknowledge, Acknowledge.

But perhaps most noteworthy was how genuine and down to earth these Atlantic rockers were. After meeting a couple of the boys from the 'ol TO punk band Careers in Science, I was introduced to and spent the better part of an hour in hilarious banter with Motorleague frontman Don Levandier. To him, this was just another night on the road to meet new faces, smile at them, and then melt them with some of the best rock n roll Canada has to offer.

In short, next time these boys are in town, don't miss it.

-Use these waking hours to suck the life out of this world and swallow it whole.