Monday, December 29, 2014

Shanies: Song of the Year

My Song of the Year award is typically a pretty easy one, so long as I decide to be honest. Basically, I just have to go to the various media players I use (iTunes on my Mac, MediaMonkey on the PC, and Google Music on the phone) and count the number of times I listened to a song. This year, was a bit ridiculous, so my choice was quite obvious.

I still recall the first time I heard this song, in the back of my friend Jaime's car, being played by my friend Serkan. We were on our way to a wedding, but this song got me so ridiculously pumped up that I didn't even know what to do with myself. I had been a huge Alert the Medic fan since hearing them live the year before, but was unaware of their new album, and thank God Serkan introduced me.

Now, I suppose I'm cheating a little, since it's technically 2 tracks: the opening (waiting in the wings) is a 2 minute build up that eventually explodes into the incredible rock anthem that is Cut, Copy, Paste. In the past, I have typically deconstructed my song of the year to identify exactly what elements build up such an incredible track, however, I can't even begin to do that for this song, since it's the beautiful cohesion of lyrics, pounding drums, growing guitars, and the fullness created through it all that I truly fall in love with.

However, the worst part (both for us and this band) is that Alert the Medic is still small enough that it's next to impossible to find any of their stuff on YouTube. I've put a crappy live video below, but I encourage you to go to Spotify, Rdio, Google Music, or whatever you're listening to these days and put on the opening 2 tracks to their album Phantom Moves.

And at least we can find a good version of my runner up... The Great Sabatini's creepy little intro, Akela.

-Stop bottling up the bottles for the sake of your emotions