Monday, December 22, 2014

Shanies: Rookie of the Year

Holy shit, this thing still exists? Well, just because I've been neglecting this blog (holy shit, people still blog?) for the better part of the year, doesn't mean for a second that I'm about to pass up my opportunity to shoot my mouth off once again this holiday season and bring you what by my best half-drunken estimates is the SEVENTH annual Shanies. You know the rules: I'm right, that's really the only rule.

This year's Rookie award was a bit of a no brainer. In previous years, this award had started to feel like a cheater's field for supergroups and bands building second projects (see previous winners Mutoid Man, Them Crooked Vultures, and The Damned Things), however, this year we had a band do it right. If I would have asked you in 2013 what you thought of Royal Blood, you likely wouldn't have had much to say since they were only just forming and playing shows at venues my shitty bands had played before.

However, to make such a neglectful statement these days would either involve massive head trauma, a distane for music, or a 2-year straight binge on Jack Daniels and methamphetamines. Simply put, Royal Blood is the real deal. This Brighton 2-piece's volcanic rise to fame unquestionably involved a touch of luck, however, that luck was backed by talent and the most monstrous sound you've heard out of a duo since the Black Keys or the White Stripes.

They released an EP back in March to rave reviews and seemingly overnight began supporting some of the biggest acts in the world and playing festivals all over before finally releasing their self-titled LP to a number 1 position on the UK charts. Yes... at only a year old, this band hit #1 in the UK, and broke the top 30 for every major market.

But you know me, I've never been about the stats when it comes to music; I've always been about the riffs. These boys deliver them in droves, so sit back and enjoy your 2014 Shanie for Rookie of the Year.

An honourable mention must go out to the epic Napalmpom from Calgary.

-So I'll sleep when I'm dead and I'll live when I'm awake